Fresco, italiano, semplice

JSH Hotels Collection: a food concept by Andrea Ribaldone

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JSH HOTELS COLLECTION is a young, dynamic group involved in hotel management, which has made a name for itself in the Italian hospitality industry, with its special-profile portfolio and facilities that are either independent or already part of prestigious international chains. JSH hotels and resorts are situated in exclusive locations from Italy’s major cities – including Rome, Milan, Bologna and Florence – to dream destinations in Veneto, Tuscany, Sardinia and Sicily, as well as Salento and Calabria. With 3 Collections, JLive Resorts, JHub City Hotels and JLux Hotels, all 4- and 5-star JSH hotels have their own very unique style, but all share a passion for outstanding service and an impeccable welcome. Embodying a truly Italian style.

The best food. “Fresco, Italiano e Semplice”. JSH Food project was born trom these three basic concepts and the successful collaboration with the talented chef Andrea Ribaldone. This philosophy has made the cuisine one of our excellence, reaching its highest expression in the JLive Resorts. Culinary art and gourmet subtleties come into the hotel with local ingredients and the freshest seasonal materials, enhanced, tailored and translated into irresistible dishes. Driven by the creativity of Ribaldone, our chefs work every day with dedication to value the haute cuisine and offer the gourmet enthusiasts a landmark and the right dose of pleasure…
Don’t forget that our chef is one of the protagonists of Identity Expo, a format born from the experience of Identità Golose, an important congress of international cuisine created by Paolo Marchi. Ribaldone coordinates the brigade of Identità Expo temporary restaurant supporting for 26 weeks the great masters of the high international cuisine. Great Michelin-starred chefs like Bottura – who opened the review with his menu – enrich the calendar of the Italia & International Best Chef for 5 days a week, bringing a taste of their culinary art.

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